Graphtec Scanners

CSX500 Series Full-Color, Large-Format Scanner

The CSX500 series scanner is a full color large format scanner with enhanced performance at a reasonable price.

Accurate color reproduction with high throughput:
. Fastest Scanning in this class
. High Precision & Quality Scanning
. Supports Adobe RGB compatible color space
. Includes advanced multifunctional software
. Designed with the environment in mind

Equipped with the LUXios Engine:
. Hi speed (CSX550-09; A0 size, color 24-bits, 400 dpi: in 15 seconds)
. Real Image (high-fidelity color reproduction with proprietary technology)
Three Model Lineup:
. Reproduction (Copy center), Government Office, Major ConstructionCSX350
. GIS, Aerial Survey, Land Survey, Midsize Contractor/ConstructionCSX510
. Plumbing/Contracting/Construction, Architectural Design, Apparel Pattern

Software Enhancements Included:
. Scanning Master Pro Color (Raster Image Editing, Easily operation)
. Scanning Arts2 for Win (Easily print on your printer without other software)
DES Reprographics

DES Reprographics